SITIA’s Mission

  • We deploy cost effective and earth friendly solutions to social benefit organizations.
  • We deliver reliable, supportable, and interoperable technologies to increase efficiency and facilitate collaboration.
  • We leverage our network of partners to support social benefit organizations wherever they are, including the developing world.
  • With SITIA working on your behalf, you and your organization are free to focus your time and energy on achieving youmission!

rye, teff, rice, amaranth

Our Heritage
SITIA’s heritage is supporting sustainable agriculture, natural resource conservation and rural economic development by expanding and improving access to and publication of agricultural knowledge in service to farmers, extension agents, agricultural scientists and others.
Our current work builds on this heritage of sustainability to include support for public health professionals in the developing world, delivery of interactive conservation curriculum for K-12 teachers and students, and active engagement with sustainability professionals in the philanthropic sector.