Our Projects

Project: “Grain of Life”

Funders: Individual Donors

Overview: Dan-Makafo village in Niger needs a secure way to store grain to plant in the new season and to eat in times of famine and drought. Village Chief Issa Lawali is leading this life saving effort for his people.
(This new project is open for new donors. Please click on “Why Not Donate?” ) 


Project: “Cool the Earth”

Funder: Marin Community Foundation (MCF)

Overview: Secondary Curriculum development in consultation with Stanford University Global Climate and Energy Project.


Project: “Behavior Change or Climate Change”

Funder: Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)

Interactive high school mini-course developed by SF Bay Area energy and education experts. Iterative design, student led six part module stressing personal responsibility and direct action to reduce global warming and adverse climate change. Social media component keeps students involved and thinking about the curriculum between in person meetups.


Project: Menlo Atherton High School “Behavior Change or Climate Change”

Funders: Menlo Atherton High School PTA and community volunteers

 This project received first prize in the 2011 Climate Generation competition sponsored by the California State EPA Air Resources Board.  This is a successful model for collaborative curriculum development with Menlo Atherton High School students from upper grade levels serving as mentors for freshman and sophomores, gaining experience in teaching and learning, building a cohort to continue the project next year, and influencing friends and family to be more mindful of global warming.
(This on-going educational project is open for new donors. Please click on “Why Not Donate?” ) 


Project: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Support for the Population and Reproductive Health Program’s Country

Advisors and Support Teams

Funder: David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Overview: SITIA is providing high-level computer and network technical support to population experts in Sub-Saharan Africa and in South Asia.


ject: “Creating a Regional Network in West and Central Africa” FIDAFRIQUE

Funder: International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Overview: Connected IFAD offices in 21 countries to a hub-based communication network. Worked with    local partners to provide internet access, management support, and evaluation data.


Project: Agrivista

Funder: Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR)

Project: Agrivista is a project that aims to develop a search tool specifically for agriculture. Agrivista will enable searching across multiple, dissimilar database systems, without requiring the researcher to learn multiple interfaces and search protocols. It will be specific to agriculture, using specialised thesauri. Agrivista is being developed with the support of major institutions in the CGIAR and the FAO. The project will also produce information management software that can be used within institutions, such as national agriculture ministries and research stations.



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