Menlo-Atherton Climate Change Group Wins First Place

Originally Posted on May 10, 2011

The California Air Resources Board announced the winners of the 2011 Climate Generation, an annual statewide competition challenging high school students to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, with the top prize going to Menlo Atherton High School.
Menlo-Atherton students developed an education and outreach campaign that reached fellow students with strategies and tools to reduce emissions. Their project, “Behavior Change or Climate Change,” taught students how lifestyles can be modestly altered to make large emission reductions. The team coordinated multiple groups; obtained funding, public speaking expertise and school administrative support; made presentations; provided tools for students to implement emission reduction strategies; and, monitored the success of their effort with pre- and post-presentation surveys. Menlo-Atherton’s’ students navigated various political, economic, technological and sociological fronts that presented challenges.

The twelve students who pioneered this “Behavior Change or Climate Change” program (mentored by Carol Orton, President of the M-A PTA,  June Flora PhD, Board Chair of  SITIA and a Stanford research scientist, and Matt Sharp, Executive Director of SITIA) were honored at an awards ceremony at M-A on May 25, 2011.

The State of California awarded the M-A students a $2,000 grant for winning 1st prize.

More info on Cool!


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