About Us

Our Mission: SITIA is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization based in the USA. We are dedicated to promoting and enhancing sustainable agricultural practices and natural resource conservation through the development and deployment of appropriate information technologies.

We believe that enhanced economic development in agricultural and forest rural communities is dependent on promoting strong, sustainable agricultural and forestry practices. The successful implementation and use of these practices are heavily dependent on information access and management.

SITIA provides information technology solutions that help to ensure farmers, extension workers, scientists and others access, organize, publish and exchange agricultural information. We work both nationally and internationally, in both developed and developing countries, to better improve speed and accuracy of information access and to provide alternatives by which agricultural information can be published and disseminated.

Our Leadership:

Our Board:

June Flora (Chair),  Stanford University
David Balson,   Independent Consultant, formerly with the International Development Research Centre
Ted Hannig,  The Hannig Law Firm
Georg Lindsey,  CGNET Services International
Ken Novak,  Replicate Technologies, Inc.
Matt Sharp, The Duke Endowment

Please note:  Board members serve as individuals. Their organizational affiliations are for informational purposes only.

Contact us:
559 Clyde Ave Suite 220
Mountain View, California 94043

Email: sitia@sitia.org


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