June A. Flora

Dr. Flora is a senior research scientist at H-STAR Institute at Stanford University. Her research and work focuses primarily on the study and development of energy reduction and conservation interventions. This work is funded by the Department of Energy, with Byron Reeves Ph.D. as principal investigator. The Energy Reductions through Sensors, Feedback and Information Technology initiative is composed of 12 research projects: 8 interventions, 2 data modeling and 2 foundational research programs.  Flora also has developed and evaluated a high school youth climate change program where teens develop an edutainment curriculum and teach younger teens about the science of climate change, and personal behavior change in energy, transportation and food. With 20+ years at Stanford University Department of Communication and Stanford Prevention Research Center, Dr. Flora brings an extensive background and publication record in health communication and social marketing to the field of energy reduction.

View Dr. Flora’s presentation on “The Psychology of Energy Conservation” on ForaTV. The whole presentation from swissnex San Francisco is informative including Dr. Flora in segment 6.


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  1. I am trying to reach June Flora about the possibility of Burlingame High School working with Stanford grad students to set up an environmental awareness program at the high school level similar to the one she set up at Menlo Atherton High School established several years ago. Sorry if this is not the right venue to contact Prof. Flora but I thought I would at least give it a try since the Menlo Atherton program was so successful. Thanks- Patty Kovas

  2. […] June A. Flora […]

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